CSS/Frontend resources you must take a look at

October 29, 2021

Updated on June 13, 2024

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CSS/Frontend resources you must take a look at

In this article, I will tell you some resources you should bookmark as a CSS or Frontend developer. So, let’s start!

CSS Gradient

This is a site where there is a GUI where you can create gradients and get the CSS code for that. You can see a preview down.

Here is the link for that site - https://cssgradient.io/


This tool is useful for making clip paths fast. You can see the tool by clicking this link https://bennettfeely.com/clippy/


In this tool, you can make 3D and realistic box shadows. without sweating. https://neumorphism.io/

Blobmaker App

And this is not Just CSS, It’s SVG. You can make some cool SVG blobs using this website. https://www.blobmaker.app/


This tool was created by the creators of the Blobmaker App. You can generate blobs, waves, gradients, etc.


This tool helps you to create beautiful and unique colour palettes, you can create a palette and copy the CSS hex code or an array of the colour palette.

Fancy-Border-Radius generator

You can make the CSS border-radius with this tool. https://9elements.github.io/fancy-border-radius/


This is not code, but some cool designs that you can be inspired by.

Smooth shadow generator

One of my favourites. This tool will make some smooth and nice shadows. They look like the shadows in Material design.

The End

It’s the end of the post, see you next time! You can visit https://www.tronic247.com/ to stay updated with my latest posts.

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