Published on April 7, 2022 Updated on June 13, 2024

My Bookmarks list

I have a lot of bookmarks. They save my time. Now I will post them so you can read them and save your time too!


This website is a collection of svg illustrations that are free to use.


You can use Unsplash to find free high-resolution photos for your projects.
Ah. If you don’t like people stealing your javascript code, you can use this tool. (There is a Node version too)

You don’t need jQuery
If you used jQuery before, and if you want to non-jQuery code, you can use this repo to find the pure-JS versions.


This is my favorite docs generator. It will generate docs based on react components and markdown files.

Awesome self-hosted
You want to do it yourself? This is the repo for you.

Terser repl

Terser repl
If you want to minify a javascript code snippet, you can use this tool.
When creating css animations, easing functions are very useful. This website has a lot of easing functions that you can use.


This is a collection of loading animations.


These two links are so awesome.

Moving letters
This is a collection of animated letters using Anime.js.

Hero patterns

Hero patterns
Some cool patterns for your next project.

Akar icons
This is a collection of minimal icons.

Webcode tools

Webcode tools
Some awesome tools to save your time.

A free, Heroku alternative. I love this.

Make screenshots look perfect.

I use this to track hackers IPs.

A free cloud storage service.

Snippet generator

Snippet generator
Do you write the same code over and over again? Use this tool to generate a snippet and save your time.

Make your local dev environment accessible to the world.

Tools to generate gradients and patterns.

Crafting interpreters
If you know everything in programming, go make your own!

This is a video that will make you laugh.


Want to make cool looking code screenshots? Use this tool.

Edit markdown files in your browser.
Generate badges for your open source projects.

CSS Cursors
I forget the cursor names sometimes. This is a tool to help you find them.
When I’m bored, I can read awesome articles from this website.

Everyone is a human right? Humans need jokes.

If you don’t want to focus on the project instead of the authentication, you can use this.

Free nodejs servers to host your fun projects.

Make your demos look beautiful.

How to stop procrastinating
Because everyone does.
Make your internet faster and secure.

Bookmarklet generator
You make awesome tiny scripts?

Grammarly web editor
Your grammar the is correct is every times.

Open Gmail
Because I use look at my inbox every 10 minutes.

The end!

Thanks for checking my suspicious bookmarks. Now, I’m going to end this article.

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